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Jessica Yuen

Executive Director 

Certified Progressive Ballet Technique Instructor (PBT)

Yoga Instructor



Jessica Yuen, DBA(c), MBA, MRes, PG Dipl (Music), BA, HETC, MYCC

Ms. Jessica Yuen is an experienced music educator and concert performer who has a deep passion for music and music education.  She is a dedicated business owner and music teacher to over 1800 students and a versatile and active concert performer of piano, guzheng, harp, and violin. Jessica’s professional and music footprints are stretched across many continents, including Asia, North America, and Europe.

Beside her music background and current commitment in music, she is also a dance and arts enthusiast. She is Progressive-Ballet (PBT) method certified. Her dance practices and trainings include Intellidance teacher certification for young children, San Francisco Ballet Adult Summer Intensive and continuous practice with Ballet studio in London UK, including training classes from Royal Academy of Dance, Pineapple studio Covent Garden London and classes with former Paris Opera house ballet soloist in Paris France. She is a strong supporter of the Adult Ballet Community and the founder of Adult Ballet Dansica. Adult Ballet Dansica includes adult ballet intensive camp in Paris France and Banff/Calgary Alberta Canada. She has performed with the amateur adult ballet production in France and give lectures about musicality and ballet dancer in various training session and camp in the UK and France.

She also trains for 200hours Yoga instructor certification, deepening her understanding on teaching and physical connection with body and movement; further, she enjoys working with Adult Ballet Lovers and fellow dance, barre and yoga teachers in our academy's curriculums & programs. 

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